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Our generation will commend your works to another;

they will tell of your mighty acts. Ps 145:4


GRACE is a grandparent connection group at Sioux Falls Christian.
Our goal is to develop and promote intentional and supportive Christian relationships between our SFC grandparents with our families, students, and staff members. We hope to establish these relationships through prayer, volunteer opportunities, mentoring, and fellowship!

How will GRACE be a part of the mission of Sioux Falls Christian?

  • GRACE Prayer Group – Meet regularly with other members of GRACE to pray over our school.
  • GRACE Mentorship Program – Be a part of a group that ministers to SFC students and families through various mentoring opportunities:
    • One-on- One with an SFC student
    • Adopt-a- grandchild (for Grandparents Day, Sporting Events, Concerts/Programs, etc.)
    • Family Mentoring (build a relationship with a family by inviting them into your home and spending time with them)
    • Group mentoring (working with a small group of students to encourage dialogue and fellowship amongst our grandparents and students)
  • GRACE Volunteer Opportunities – There will be several ways you can volunteer at the school!
    • Classroom 
    • Cafeteria/Lunchroom
    • Charger Store
    • Extra-curricular activities
    • Chaperone field trips

There are other ways for members of GRACE to serve at Sioux Falls Christian!

  • Prayer - always beneficial
  • Opportunities for financial support through tuition assistance for families who desire Christian education but are not financially able to meet tuition costs
  • Opportunities for volunteering for our annual fundraisers (Family Fun Festival, Master's Touch Auction, and Cookie Fair)

We love having our grandparents pray for our school! There are also many opportunities to financially support our school – especially through tuition assistance for families that desire Christian education for their children, but are not financially able to meet tuition cost needs. Sioux Falls Christian is also in need of volunteers for our annual fundraisers (Family Fun Festival, Master’s Touch Auction, and the Cookie Fair).


  • GRACE members will be more connected to our school through monthly or quarterly newsletters.
  • Members that provide an email address will also receive the school’s weekly newsletters that highlight events and activities at SFC.
  • With a suggested donation of $20, members will be gifted four meal tickets to the school cafeteria and be eligible for reserved seating to two programs or concerts of their choice.

Please consider partnering with SFC in supporting our next generation with the same love and grace offered to us by our Lord Jesus Christ.

If you have any questions about GRACE, please contact Bre Johnson at SFC (334-7397) or email GRACE (