Before and After School Care (Kids Corner)

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Early Dismissal and School Vacation Days

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K-5 KIDS CORNER SIGN-UP: Vacation Days

March 24
April 10  ---  April 11  ---  April 12  ---  April 13


EARLY CHILDHOOD SIGN-UP: 2nd Semester Vacation Days


Please read the changes to the "Drop-In Policy" for Kids Corner



Matt Covey - Elem Principal / Kid's Corner Director -
Kilee Uittenbogaard - Early Childhood Kid's Corner Manager -
Bre Johnson - Kid's Corner Manager -   (321-3898)

Kid's Corner was developed to:
* act as an extension of the quality, Christ-centered educational
experience offered by Sioux Falls Christian Schools.
* nurture each child through a Christian staff and facility.
* offer activities that include computers, crafts, free play, games,
homework help, organized group games and outdoor play.

Kid's Corner: School Year Kid's Corner: Summer
Before and After School Program Summer and Vacation Days Program
HOURS: 6:30-8:30am; 3:00-6:00pm HOURS: 7:00am - 6:00pm
CHARGE: $3.35 per hour per child
** Late fee of $2.00 per minute after 6:05pm
CHARGE: $3.35 per hour per child
** Late fee of $2.00 per minute after 6:05pm
PAYMENT: Monthly bill sent to you
** Receipt available upon request
PAYMENT: Weekly payments for summer care
** Receipt available upon request
SNACKS: None provided
** Children are encouraged to bring a snack
SNACKS: AM and PM snacks provided
LUNCH: Children must bring their own lunches 
FIELD TRIPS: None  FIELD TRIPS: Whenever possible, trips are taken
to the pools, parks and libraries 





SCHEDULED EARLY DISMISSAL DAYS AND VACATION DAYS:  Kid's Lodge will be offered on scheduled early dismissal days and vacation days at $3.35 per hour.  ** Please send a cold lunch with your child(ren).

Early Dismissal - Kid's Corner will NOT be available on days when school is let out early due to inclement weather.
Late Start - Kid's Corner will open one hour before school starts.  For example, if SFC has a one hour late start, Kid's Corner will open at 8:00am.  If SFC has a 2 hour late start, Kid's Corner will open at 9:00am.
Extended Care - If a family is signed up for Extended Care for their preschool student, Extended Care will start at the same time as the rest of the school.  The preschool student is able to come to Kid's Corner if care is needed before the start of the school day.
Preschool - If SFC has a late start, there will NOT be morning preschool.  Morning preschool students that go to Extended Care in the afternoons may come to Extended Care instead of their regular preschool time if needed due to the cancellation of preschool.
School Cancellation - Kid's Corner will NOT be available if school is cancelled due to inclement weather.

NUMBER OF CHILDCARE PROVIDERS:  Children will have one staff member for every 10 children.

PAYMENTS:  The caregivers will keep track of your child's time in Kid's Corner.  An itemized bill will be sent to you at the end of each month.  There is a minimum charge of $5.00 per billing cycle.  Bills must be paid promptly to ensure continued use of Kid's Corner.  Receipts will be available upon request.  Checks can be made payable to SFC with 'Kid's Corner' in the Memo line.  Payments can be sent to the school office.

SUPERVISION:  Children must not be wandering around inside or outside of the school.  They will be checked into Kid's Corner if they are found wandering the school grounds.

USE OF THE SCHOOL:  Students attending Kid's Corner are to be supervised in the Kid's Corner Room, gymnasium, cafeteria or outdoors.

Student Enrollment Form

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Family Information Form

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Calendar of Activities


Weekly Snack Schedule

Hold Harmless Agreement

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Summer Program Information
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