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A Transformational Education

These photos were taken by SFC photography students for the Alpha Center 2018 Calendar.
Permission was granted by the Alpha Center to view these pictures.

At Sioux Falls Christian Schools, we are convinced that the aim of education is not merely information, but transformation.

Since all truth is God’s truth, every classroom becomes a transformational environment where both teachers and students are seeking to understand reality in light of God’s glory.  Christian education is worldview formation. Not only that, but a Christian education prepares students to participate in God’s story.

In the narrative of the American Dream, the goal is material possessions and early retirement. But in the Story of God, the goal is to put the glory of Christ on display through radical, self-sacrificing love for others.

In math classes, our students learn to count, measure, calculate, graph, and problem solve so that they may become competent stewards of God’s resources. In Language Arts classes, our students are learning to read, write, argue, defend, persuade, and articulate so that they may become effective communicators of God’s truth, beauty, and goodness.

Our teachers care about how the lessons of the next 5 days will shape the people our students are becoming for the next 50 years. We believe that every subject area in every grade level should be a transformational experience for teachers and students, equipping them to see God’s glory and live in God’s story.

At Sioux Falls Christian, we teach using throughlines to help our children see themselves as a part of God's story. Click here to learn more about our throughlines.