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We are expecting all work (MS/HS) to be completed within 24 hours (10:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. the next day).

Click here for latest (4-43-20) survey results. See video below for explanation from Mr. VanNieuwenhuyzen.

Click here for AP testing info

Counseling Support

SFC Counseling department would like to partner with you during this time of social distancing by sharing the following resources. This article from the CDC addresses mental health and coping with emotions regarding COVID-19.  

More importantly, here are some links to truths that are founded on the Word of God.  Our hope during times of uncertainty can only come from our sovereign Lord who holds the world in His hands.  

If your child is in need of brief counseling support during this social distancing time, please reach out to us via email. 

Any type of emergency call 911 and Suicide hotline is 211 

Avera Behavioral Health support line - If a mental health problem/threat to life is suspected, don’t hesitate to call Avera’s 24-hour assessment line at 1-800-691-4336 or 605-322-4065.

Sara Stanford 
Elementary Counselor 
email address

Rachel Niemeyer
MS/HS Counselor
email address

Luke VanderLeest 
Spiritual Life Director
email address

Pam Tiefenthaler
Chief Education Officer
College/Career Support
email address

Let's continue the learning!

Please see the outlines below that will guide this process for each grade-level grouping.  We are learning as we navigate through uncharted territory so patience is greatly appreciated.  Please be in communication with your students’ teachers as needed. Also be in contact with the building principals if you have questions about the process as a whole.  Parents of students who utilize Learning Center services will receive additional communication from those teachers, as well.

Distance Learning by level

Teachers have been sending out videos and instructional activities via a few different platforms (e.g. Seesaw, Google Drive).  They will continue to e-mail parents and students with expectations in the coming days. The state requires that we provide at least 3.5 hours of teaching and learning for students in grades 1-5 to maintain accreditation.  (Kindergarten students are expected to spend 1.5 hours per day learning.) PLEASE communicate honestly with teachers if you are unable to fulfill the learning expectations or if you have questions.  They understand that not all parents are going to be able to commit significant time to learning activities. We will get the students caught up and on the same “page” once school resumes!

IF you are not able to print e-mailed activities, please communicate this to teachers as well.  Teachers may indicate that they would like parents to pick up work for the students. Tubs of assignments have been placed just inside the Sioux Falls Christian Elementary entrance which will be unlocked from 10:00 a.m.-7:00 p.m. daily (M-F). (Please make sure to wash your hands or use hand sanitizer after obtaining materials.)

The “specials” teachers (e.g. music, art, Spanish, PE and library) may communicate one suggestion or idea for your students in the upcoming week.  Be mindful that students can really benefit from time to exercise, be creative, and spend time with family! Treasure this time as an opportunity to “press pause” in the busyness of life and make memories! 

1 Peter 5:7 “Cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for you.”

Students and parents, we are ready for this! As unfortunate as the circumstances around this are, the work that teachers and staff have been doing with Chromebooks, Google Classroom, and many of the technology tools that Mrs. Mulder has helped us learn...we will make the most of this situation.

Our plan is to begin online learning at 10 a.m. on Monday morning 3/23. Please plan to have your 6-12th grade child online at roughly that time.

Because we do not know how long this arrangement will last, we should move into a plan of indefinite online/digital learning. If we end up getting back into school soon, we will be glad we did not take the time off completely.

Please know that our goal is not to have students do busy work. What will be largely missing from this plan is the sense of community that is a crucial piece of our school and our vision for a truly Christian education. Due to this loss, the learning may feel much more task-oriented than it did before.

Parents, we are asking for your help, particularly if your child(ren) struggle(s) with being self-directed and self-motivated. We are working on plans to support students who are particularly challenged by independent learning. Learning center staff will be in touch individually with students on learning plans about how they can be supported. We may also need your help in monitoring some assessments. More information to come on that. Some of that can happen on your schedule (we will try not to tie students into assessments that need to happen during the work day).

Students, you may feel that there is more work to be done than usual. This may be because you are normally in school for 7 hours per day, plus any homework you normally received. While we cannot replicate the entire experience, our goal is to approximately duplicate the learning and progress that needs to happen for you to be ready for the next level of your education. Unfortunately, with the freedom and flexibility that comes from home/online learning, there will most certainly be some of this that is more boring/tedious than your average school day.

A few logistical requests

1) Check Google Classroom for every class at least once per day. Teachers will have a plan for you to progress, and will interact with their Classroom site on a regular basis. The plan is to require all materials for every class to be posted by 10 a.m. each day. Some may have it online earlier than that, but that will be the latest they should post materials (unless there is an unforeseen delay).

2) Check your school email multiple times per day. Do not expect a response from teachers 24/7, so the closer you can match your waking/working hours to the normal school day, the more likely you will get a timely response.

3) Interact with the material in a timely way. Do the work assigned to you and be prompt. Do not push things off, because the tasks will pile up even more quickly than usual.

4) If you cannot get your work completed (because you don’t understand or because you feel the timeline is too short), please contact your teachers. They will specify when they are available, but in general, they will be asked to roughly simulate school hours.

5) Normally at school we have MS students keep their phones in their locker and HS students put them into a pouch. We can’t police that behavior in this system, but multitasking isn’t a thing (scientifically proven) learn the discipline it takes to put your phones away for stretches of time while you’re learning. Give yourself learning breaks of only a few minutes at a time until your work for the day is completed.

6) As always, save copies (a backup, if necessary) of all digital work in your Drive. For example, if your teacher asks you to contribute to an online discussion, it may be wise to create it in Google Docs first and then copy/paste it into the discussion board. If your internet gets disconnected while you are writing, it will be saved in Docs, but not necessarily in other formats.