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Donor advised funds provide you with a simple, flexible, and tax-efficient giving opportunity. Receive an immediate tax deduction when you deposit cash or proceeds from appreciated assets into a single charitable giving account. Then, recommend dispersements be made to Sioux Falls Christian Schools and your other favorite charities at a time that works best for you.

Through Sioux Falls Christian’s partnership with Barnabas Foundation, you have complimentary access to the “Stewards Fund,” a donor-advised fund that reflects your biblical values.

Benefits of Using the Stewards Fund


Timing. Receive an immediate tax deduction at the time you make a gift into the Stewards Fund. Then, at a time that works best for you, advise Barnabas how you wish your gifts to be distributed to Sioux Falls Christian and other ministries close to your heart.

Flexibility. Grants can be requested at any time of the day using Barnabas' convenient online grant system. You may choose to give in one-time or recurring increments, and you may choose to designate your gift to meet specific organizational needs at Sioux Falls Christian.

Simplicity. Simplify your giving and record-keeping by making all gifts of cash, stocks, or appreciated assets from a single account.

Privacy. You can choose to make any or all grants to Sioux Falls Christian anonymously.

Expertise. Benefit from the knowledge and expertise of Barnabas staff who will manage and liquidate your non-cash asset gifts.

Cost-effective. Many families choose to use their Stewards Fund account as a cost-effective alternative to establishing a private foundation.

Learn More

To learn more about setting up a Stewards Fund account or other smart and powerful giving options, call Christine Walker at 605-334-1422 or email