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We Nurture Talent

The Fine Arts Department at Sioux Falls Christian Schools believes that fine arts are essential in a well-rounded education. We provide students with the opportunity to explore art, music, and drama, giving them confidence in their accomplishments.
Students are challenged to acknowledge the responsibility to use their talents and knowledge in the service of God and others and to live Christian values in their daily lives.


Fine Arts Booster Club

Our Mission

The appreciation and development of artistic skills is considered essential in the development of students at Sioux Falls Christian.  The Fine Arts Booster Club is committed to a program that will enhance the fine arts experience of its students through instrumental and vocal music, art, drama, and oral interpretation.

Our Purpose

To stimulate greater interest and appreciation for the fine arts
To increase parental participation in the fine arts program
To provide support for music and drama performances
To provide fundraising opportunities for projects or trips approved by the membership
To organize the annual Variety Show