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At SFC, formational learning experiences push beyond mastery of curriculum. They form habits of living and shape who we are. Throughlines are discipleship habits and practices that help students, teachers and parents imagine what it means to be a disciple within God's story. They articulate a vision of how our school's graduates will live.
So, as learners are provided opportunities to engage in real work, they are given direction on how to engage--as beauty creators, for example. The practice of our ten throughlines shapes the learning and sparks a desire within the learners to actively play their role in the formation of culture.

"I love how the Throughlines help teachers to weave God's story within all lessons. Having the Throughlines helps us be intentional with Biblical character as we integrate them in lessons and conversations with students of all ages.  ~ Dr. Kym Johnston, Elementary Principal

SFC Throughlines

--Christ Treasurer
--Idolatry Discerner
--Image Reflector
--Creation Enjoyer
--Order Discoverer
--Resource Steward
--Beauty Creator
--Neighbor Lover
--Community Builder
--Disciple Maker
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