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A Passion for Christ-centered, Excellent Education

Our Christian school is uniquely structured to provide a transformative education for Christian families in the Sioux Falls region. Our student body represents nearly 600 families. These families recognize three dominant themes that characterize Sioux Falls Christian School: a Christ-centered education, a family focus, and a commitment to the unity of all believers. Our school strives to place Jesus Christ at the center of our philosophy, purpose, and programs. Our academic and co-curricular programs recognize the one true God as revealed in the Scriptures.

The Bible provides the basis from which to interpret all areas of life. This understanding permeates all relationships: to Him, to ourselves, to others, and to the universe, which He created. We foster academic excellence and responsible servanthood in the Kingdom by teaching our students to understand and engage in creation. Our students consistently score well on the ACT College entrance exam and on various other standardized tests.

A Family Focus

Sioux Falls Christian School holds to the conviction that educating children is the responsibility of Christian parents. Therefore, the school's authority emanates from the Christian home. Our governing board consists of parents who profess and promote our Christian values and beliefs.

Parent committees support our mission through groups such as Moms in Prayer (a weekly prayer group), GRACE (Grandparents group), and the Booster Club, among others.

A Commitment to the Unity of All Believers

Our current student body represents more than 100 churches in the Sioux Falls region. As a requirement for admission, at least one parent must claim Jesus Christ as his/her personal Savior. As a school community, we focus on the essentials of the Christian faith, seeking to include all families that desire to raise their children in the Lord.

Our school is a member of Christian Schools International. CSI is a nonprofit organization that has been serving schools in the U.S. and Canada since 1920. CSI is committed to advancing Christian education and supports schools in their task of teaching students to know God and his world and to glorify him through obedient service. CSIonline.orghas many useful features: extensive curriculum catalog and downloadable sample lessons, E-store for purchasing CSI's curriculum materials, archives of Christian Home & School and Christian School Teacher magazines, convenient links to for purchasing books and movies reviewed in our magazines (CSI uses its sales commission to support Christian education), helpful information and forms pertaining to our pension and benefits plans, job database for advertising openings at your school and explanations of our many support services for member schools.