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Summer 2019 Information


ALL families need to fill out the registration forms online. The link can be accessed by clicking here.

Required Forms (to be completed before attending):

  • Kid’s Corner Summer Care Registration (CLICK HERE)

  • Kid’s Corner Financial Agreement (Electronic Signature required in the registration form)

  • Hold Harmless Agreement (Electronic Signature required in the registration form)

*There is a $100 registration fee for all students not registered for the 2019-2020 Sioux Falls Christian school year.


Kid’s Corner Summer Hours are 7:00 AM – 6:00 PM Monday-Friday. Our summer program begins May 20 and ends August 20.

We will be CLOSED the following dates: Monday, May 27 – Memorial Day; Thursday, July 4 and Friday, July 5 – Independence Day


Students attending the summer program must be 4 years of age by January 1, 2019 or have attended one full year of preschool at Sioux Falls Christian. Students can attend Kid’s Corner Summer Care through the summer before their 6th grade year (regardless of age).


Kid’s Corner charges an hourly rate of $3.50/hour. Statements will be sent out through the Procare software system (via email) every week for the previous week of childcare. A Financial Agreement must be signed prior to attendance.


Kid’s Corner has a 1:10 staff to student ratio for all students. This ratio is sometimes adjusted to more or less staff members for group outings depending on the age of the students.


All field trip information can be found in the link at the bottom of this page. Field trips will be billed AFTER the field trip is taken as part of your Kid’s Corner bill.

A link will be sent out each Friday in the newsletter to sign students up in advance for the following week or students can be registered for field trips each morning upon arrival. Please keep in mind that space is limited for all trips.

If your student is signed up in advance but does not attend, there will be a $5 cancellation fee.

*All field trips are subject to change due to weather, transportation issues, or any other student safety concerns.


All students will have at least one opportunity to go swimming each week. Depending on age and ability, students will go to either Family Wellness, McKennan Park Wading Pool, Drake Springs Aquatic Center or Midco Aquatic Center.


During the first and last week of summer care we will set up inflatables in the elementary gym in lieu of field trips. To help cover rental costs there will be a $5 fee charged to all students that attend Kid’s Corner during those two weeks.


Every Friday we will be traveling to a different city park. Please make sure you send a COLD lunch with your child EVERY Friday – NO MICROWAVES AVAILABLE!


Breakfast – Kid’s Corner does not provide breakfast or an opportunity to eat breakfast at school. Please make sure your child has breakfast at home each morning.

Lunch – Kid’s Corner does not provide hot lunch. Your child will be required to bring his/her lunch every day. Microwaves will be available Monday – Thursday (unless the calendar denotes otherwise).

Snacks – A morning and afternoon snack will be provided each day. A snack menu will be posted outside Kid’s Corner (you can also view the snack menu HERE). If your child prefers to bring a snack from home, they may do so. Please try to refrain from bringing snacks that contain peanuts or tree nuts. Snacks from home must be eaten during snack time.


Students will be expected to participate in some learning activities throughout the summer. Kid’s Corner students will break into small groups to work on different classroom skills.


Every Friday we will be watching a movie in the elementary gym. Here is a list of movies that we will be showing:




Incredibles 2


Beauty and the Beast


Bedtime Stories




The Greatest Showman


Ralph Breaks The Internet


Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse


Christopher Robin


The Lego Movie 2


Peter Rabbit

All movies are rated G or PG. We screen the movies to make sure we feel comfortable with the content we are exposing your child to. If you have questions about movie content, we strongly recommend utilizing the following website to view information on each movie (Click to view the IMDB website). 

If you do not feel comfortable with your child watching any of these titles, please let a staff member know so we can set up alternative activities for your child during that time. Thanks!


Students are expected to be fully potty-trained prior to attending Sioux Falls Christian Summer Care. This means that they can use the restroom unassisted. If frequent bathrooms accidents occur while in Kid’s Corner your child may be asked to take a break from the summer program. Please see the Sioux Falls Christian Potty Training Policy on the school website for more details.


Students attending Kid’s Corner are expected to follow the program rules and treat all staff and students with respect. The staff reserves the right to hold a student out of activities (field trips included) if poor behavior is creating an unsafe environment for that student or those around him/her. If there are multiple behavioral issues childcare may be terminated.