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The theatre program at Sioux Falls Christian is known for its strong history of excellence and high-quality, God-glorifying dramatic productions.  Each year, the school competes in the SDHSAA-sanctioned one act play competition in January.  It has become a consistent annual reality for SFC to take a top place in the Region II contest and earn a berth in the state competition.

Additionally, SFC alternates between putting on a full-length play or musical each spring.  This production is of a much larger-scale and often includes casts of 60-100 students.  In some productions students from the middle school and elementary programs are given opportunities to participate as well, making them truly grand K-12th events.

Students of all backgrounds are encouraged to get involved and gain experience using their God-given talents in many different ways, including: speaking, acting, dancing, singing, playing instruments, sewing costumes, applying stage make-up, creating props, running light and sound equipment, set design and painting, and stage production.  Each show is the result of the tireless work of countless individuals, taking ownership and working together for something bigger than themselves.  

One Act State Superior Awards:

    2018 - Lettres et Cafe - Matt Groen, director

    2017 -  Bridal Terrorism - Jessica DeWit, director

    2016 – The Yellow Boat – Jessica DeWit, director

    2015 – Small Actors – Matthew Groen, director

    2014 – Amish Project – Jessica De Wit, director

    2011 – The Romeo and Juliet Blues – Melissa Steventon, director

    2009 – This is a Test – Kendra Wilson, director

    2008 – In Flander’s Fields – Matt Douglas, director

    2006 – The Dancers – Amanda Conrad, director

    2005 – Alias Smedley Pewtree – Matt Douglas, director

    2004 – Us and Them – Korynn Glood, director

    2003 – The Nerd – Nicholas Leeman, director    

Recent Production History:

    2018 - Mary Poppins - Eric Kooima, director

    2017 – Diary of Anne Frank - Matt Groen, director 

    2016 – The Wizard of Oz – Eric Kooima, director

    2015 – Pride and Prejudice – Eric Kooima, director

    2014 – Disney’s Sleeping Beauty KIDS – Eric Kooima, director

    2013 – Sherlock Holmes – Eric Kooima, director

    2012 – Fiddler on the Roof – Eric Kooima, director

    2011 – The Secret Garden – Eric Kooima, director

    2010 – Disney’s Beauty and the Beast – Eric Kooima, director

    2009 – The Jester’s Test – Eric Kooima, director

            Stop the Presses! – Melissa Steventon, director

    2008 – The Boy Who Fell into a Book – Matt Douglas, director

    2007 – South Pacific – Jane Newman, director

    2006 – Hollywood Hillbillies – Amanda Conrad, director

    2005 – Androcles and the Lion – Barb Elkjer, director

    2004 – The Sound of Music – Jane Newman, director