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Deep Hope


Deep Hope represents why a teacher followed the call to teach at Sioux Falls Christian School. It aligns with the desires that you as parents have for your children when you enroll them in our school. It reflects the promises contained within the school’s mission and vision statement and points to God's Story.
Within Teaching for Transformation, it is the first question the teacher asks when designing learning experiences for their students: "What is my deep hope?"
It is the North Star that guides both teachers and students on their learning journey at Sioux Falls Christian. Read some of our teachers' Deep Hopes!

One of the most impactful practices of Teaching for Transformation has been the concept of Deep Hope. Teachers identify a key concept that will endure for a student's lifetime and help them become the character God created them to be, and that concept drives learning.  ~Jeremy VanNieuwenhuyzen, MS/HS Principal