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Made in God's Image

Recognizing that each student is an image-bearer of God with unique gifts and talents, the Sioux Falls Christian Learning Center seeks to assist classroom teachers to meet the needs of all learners.   

The SFC Learning center operates in each of the three wings of the school: elementary, middle school, and high school.

Our full-time teachers and educational assistants serve around 150 students each day. Students utilize the Learning Center for a variety of needs and on many different levels.

Some students receive daily reading skills instruction, some need a quiet location to take a test or be a part of a small group study hall, and some need modified curriculum and aid support. We have a wonderful local public school that partners with us to provide some services, but there is a limit to what they can provide.

The staffing, much of the curriculum and supplies, and even some evaluation services fall on us as a school. Supporting the SFC Learning Center will not only help us to continue to provide an excellent, Christ-centered education for all learners, but also to create a diverse learning community that gives us a clearer picture of the Body of Christ.

For more information about the SFC Learning Center, contact Sarah Spronk.