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The Global Student Ministry Program at Sioux Falls Christian Schools allows international students to enjoy a secure Christian, non-violent, drug-free atmosphere, where they can see their academic potential realized as well as develop wholesome and long-lasting friendships. 

Admission Criteria

Sioux Falls Christian Schools is looking for serious students who are Christians and are interested in learning more about Christian faith. Students interested in studying at Sioux Falls Christian Schools are welcome to apply.

Students must demonstrate:

• Academic ability and interest (minimum "C" average or better)
• Acceptable level of English language proficiency
• Self discipline
• Ability to establish priorities and carry them through
• Emotional maturity needed to adjust to a new language and culture

Depending on academic and English readiness, students may be required to audit some or all courses first semester. An audit course allows a student to participate in a course, but not receive grades or credit. If credit is needed to fulfill a requirement, students would need to retake the course with non-audit status.

Age will be considered. Students over 16 years old will receive preference.

Admission Dates

Applications are accepted in the spring for the fall semester. However, a minimum of two months should be allowed for document processing before an anticipated arrival date (usually 6-8 weeks before the actual start of classes). 

Applicants should plan to have all documents in our office as soon as possible. Failure to submit all the required documents on time will delay the processing of the application and could cause the applicant to wait for consideration for the following school year.  Applicants who have been selected for admission will be provided the I-20 immigration document.  This will allow the student to apply for their student Visa.

* Applications are not accepted for the spring semester.

Credit Transfers

Qualifying courses presented on transcripts will be accepted for credit transfer.

The number and types of transferable course credits, as well as English and Math proficiency (determined by entrance testing), will decide the final grade level and class placement of the student at admission.


Students may wish to participate in an extra-curricular activity(s) at Sioux Falls Christian High School.  These activities include a wide variety of sports, drama, music, as well as service opportunities.  There is no guarantee that a student will be allowed to participate in sports.  This is determined by the type of visa and number of years in America.  Please ask if you have questions.

Fall Sports:  Boys Soccer (will need to fill out paperwork in the office minimum of 30 days before school starts)

Spring Sports:  Boys Baseball and Girls Softball

* If you are a returning International Student who is interested in any other sports, please contact someone in the office for more information.

Year-long Activities:  Band/Pep Band, Choir, Drama, Yearbook, Sonspot (school newspaper), and Student Government

Host Families

Sioux Falls Christian Schools is a family oriented school, and each student is required to live with a family.  International students who are not living with their own family are placed with Christian host families who are screened and approved by the school.  Students and host families are matched as closely as possible in interest, temperaments, and specific requests.  Students are encouraged to participate in as many family activities as possible. 

As we are a Christian school, our students, their families, and host families must acknowledge and be willing to work within the school's Statement of Faith.  Students are expected to attend church with their host family.  Student expenses include the host family compensation, which covers food (including lunches when they are made at home), lodging, and transportation to and from school.


Formal grade reports will be sent to the student's parents, representative and/or host family four times a year.

In order to graduate from Sioux Falls Christian, student must be enrolled in a school in the United States for a minimum of two years prior to graduation.  If a student is enrolled for one year only as a senior, he/she will not graduate, but will receive a certificate of attendance.

Annual Tuition and Fees

The application/registration fee covers the cost of application evaluation, document preparation, and courier express return of acceptance documents.  Application fee is payable at the time the application is presented.  The application fee is non-refundable. (Application fees remain non-refundable if the application is accepted but the student is unable to obtain the appropriate Visa).

The registration fee for new international students is $275.

Annual Tuition must be paid in full before the student can begin school.  This cost will be formally invoiced to the student’s family when it is determined the student is accepted into Sioux Falls Christian High School. 

Tuition includes all regular course work.  It does not include sports, standardized testing fees, field trip transportation and cost, and materials.  It also does not include lunches, social functions, and any optional events.  Tuition refunds will be made for semesters paid for but not yet begun.  The school office will send quarterly reports to the parents via e-mail.


Students are required to show evidence of insurance coverage for accident and illness for the time that they are enrolled at Sioux Falls Christian Schools.  The insurance policy should provide coverage for medical expenses totaling up to $250,000.


Business Manager – Karla VanderLeest

International Student Coordinator – Peggy Wahl

Career & Academic Counselor – Pam Tiefenthaler

Spiritual Life Director – Luke Vander Leest

Sioux Falls Christian Schools
International Student Program
6120 S. Charger Ave.
Sioux Falls, SD  57108
(605) 334-1422  


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