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Our Alumni

Some things are a part of you forever. Those who embark on an educational journey with Sioux Falls Christian find a place they can call their own — not just for K-12, but for the rest of their lives. Our alumni are a big part of who we are, and we appreciate the impact they are making on our world.

We also appreciate how our alumni support Sioux Falls Christian and help us further our strong legacy by impacting the lives of current students. Thank you alumni for helping us continue your legacy in the lives of others!         

Making a Difference Nationally and Internationally

Called to Love, Grow, Go, and Glorify

Adobe Spark Page

Working with CRU

"This isn't my life, and I don't want to live it for myself anymore"

So Proud of You

Thank you alumni for stepping up and being difference makers in our world! We are proud of the difference you are making. We wish God's blessings upon you!

Please come back and visit. We want to hear God's story in your life!