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Our Grandparents Bless our Lives 

One generation will commend your works to another ...

As we learn to Love, Grow, Go, and Glorify Him, grandparents play an important and irreplaceable role in our ministry at Sioux Falls Christian.

Grandparents leave a lasting legacy for later generations when they share their time, talents, and treasures. When grandparents pray for, encourage, and support the mission and vision of our school, we see God do great things.

We love to have our Grandparents on campus in a variety of roles - visiting, mentoring, volunteering, and more. Two distinct ways for Grandparents to partner with SFC, include: 

Grandparents Day                    GRACE

Grandparents Day - Two days per year we host our Grandparents for Grandparents Day. One day we host K-5th grade Grandparents and another day we host 6th-12th grade Grandparents.  Save the dates and join us for these special days.  

GRACE (Grandparents in Action for Christian Education) - GRACE is our active Grandparents group.