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With God's word as our foundation, Sioux Falls Christian Schools will provide a Christ-Centered, excellent education, partnering with the church and home to equip students for service to Him.

We know that our mission (stated above) is also the goal of many homeschool families. Whenever there are Christian organizations and homes with shared goals, it makes sense to explore partnerships.

What we currently offer for homeschool families

Students in grades 6-12 can participate in fine arts, athletics, and other extracurricular programs at Sioux Falls Christian provided that they are taking at least 4 classes from Sioux Falls Christian.

These types of programs and activities include:

Fine Arts


The cost for taking courses “a la carte” for students in grades 6-12 is equivalent to 17% of the annual tuition for each class taken (see tuition and fees page). We work hard to ensure that courses are offered in consecutive periods of the day for the convenience of homeschool families.

Programs that are available to homeschool students (fees may or may not apply):

Attending field trips with their same-age/grade level peers

Participating in “specials” at the elementary level, such as art, PE, music, band, Spanish, handbell choir, and more.

Pathways Literacy Center

Attending chapel services once per month in the elementary and once per week in grades 6-12

Standardized testing

Math bee

Spelling bee

Geography bee

Driver education for students age 14 or older

Summer school courses

Summer camps (academic, fine arts, athletic) 

We want to partner with homeschool families and support you in any way we can! 

Please reach out to Elementary principal Matt Covey ( or 6-12 Principal Jeremy Van Nieuwenhuyzen ( to start the conversation!