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Teaching for Transformation

At Sioux Falls Christian Schools, we are convinced that the aim of education is not merely information, but transformation.

Since all truth is God’s truth, every classroom becomes a transformational environment where both teachers and students are seeking to understand reality in light of God’s glory.

To achieve this, we use ten ThroughLines in our teaching. As part of God's story, ThroughLines describe the kind of character God is calling and empowering His people to be.

Click here to find out more about our ThroughLines and how we use them in teaching.

Click here to learn more about Teaching for Transformation.


A Christian education is worldview formation and prepares students to participate in God’s story.

Our teachers care about how the lessons of the next 5 days will shape the people our students are becoming for the next 50 years. We believe that every subject area in every grade level should be a transformational experience for teachers and students, equipping them to see God's glory and live in God's story.


Character is not just a behavior that we do from time to time, it is a developed habit that shapes the kind of person we are all the time.

Provided with an academic curriculum based upon Biblical principles, our students leave our school with a foundation that has prepared them to impact the Kingdom for Jesus Christ and be a light in the community and the world.

From Early Childhood Education through High School, we invite you to explore our academic opportunities at Sioux Falls Christian!