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Being made in God's image there is no ignoring the fact that we are creative people. 

God graciously instilled in each of us an imagination and ability to make and create.  For some, this quality is more available than in others but it is undeniably in us all.  It is our goal in the Sioux Falls Christian High School Art Department to further develop our understanding and skills in the area of Art to enhance, enourage and edify others while giving our Lord continual thanks and praise for this wonderful talent we hope will turn into a gift.

Goals of the SFC Art Department:

Encourage growth of desire and ability in each student's God-given creative talents

Develop continued learning of artistic skills and techniques

Display students' artwork within the SFC school building and around the larger regional area

Cultivate discussion of what it means to be a Christian artist and what responsibilities that brings

Broaden awareness of major art movements, art history and art appreciation by understanding the context of our world's culture and the affect it has on art

Introduction to Art:

This class will introduce the basic elements and principles of art while exploring many of the major art media offered in the rest of the SFC Art curriculum.  Intro to Art will allow you to experience a large range of styles and techniques within art production, criticism, history and art appreciation.


Drawing is a fundamental and essential skill to be developed in art production.  In this course we will explore various techniques, styles, formats and media of drawing such as graphite, charcoal, colored pencil, oil pastel and conte crayons.

Ceramics & Sculpture:

In Ceramics & Sculpture you will be able to discover 3-dimensional art.  This will be done through a series of hand-built and thrown pottery as well as a variety of sculpture media such as wood, wire, found object, plaster and assemblage art.

Mixed Media:

Mixed Media is a course where we will use a wide range of art media in many creative production methods while applying them to the major art movements of the past 200 years.  You will begin to understand that the art of the time was often a reflection of what was happening in the rest of culture and then learn how to apply and connect these ideas and principles to help shape our worldview today.

Printmaking & Photography:

Printmaking and Photography is a class focused on creating and understanding good composition.  Printmaking techniques that we will work with are collograph, etching, lino-cut / woodcut, mono-print, silk screen and bas relief.  In the area of photography we will learn about what makes a good image, how to use lighting well, how a camera works and how to produce a quality 35mm and digital print.


Painting is one of the most expressive art forms.  In this class we will strive to better understand color theory while applying this to media such as acrylic, watercolor, sumi-e, oil and collage painting.  This class will allow for your creativity to be limitless in how paint is applied to a surface after basic techniques and media capabilities are explored.