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Tournament Details

  • 18-hole, Four-Person Best Shot Format

  • 5 flighted divisions: 1 Championship & 4 Turkey Scramble

  •  Prizes awarded to players from the top 3 teams in each of the 5 flights

  • Entry Fee: $100/person or $400/foursome

  • Lunch, Golf Cart & Welcome Bag Included

  • Terrific Prizes at Registration & at Every Hole

  • Contest Prizes: 

    • $1,000 Gift Card for Putting Contest Winner

    • Prairie Club Golf Experience for Target Shoot Winner

    • 4 - $100 VISA Gift Cards for Orange Ball Contest Team Winner

Tournament Rules

Championship Flight

  • Declare participation upon check-in.

  • Teams play from the blue tees on all holes.  

  • No moving to different tees.

  • No flighting:  low total.

  • One flight:  pays three places.

Turkey Scramble

  • Each player tees off.

  • The best shot is selected and all golfers play from that location.

  • Process continues until the ball is holed.

Men's Tees:

All start at the white tee.  The tee position will then rotate based on the team score made from the previous hole:

  • Bogey or more -  Move up two sets of tees.

  • Par – Stay on same tees.

  • Birdie – Move back one set of tees.

  • Eagle or Better -  Move to the back two sets of tees.

Ladie's Tees:

All start on the red tee box.   The tee position will then rotate based on the team score made from the previous hole:

  • Par or more – Stay on the red tee.

  • Birdie or Better – Move back to the gold tee.

  • Ladies do not go back further than the gold tees.


  • Par three holes (hole-in-one contests) will be played from the designated men and ladies tees.

  • The tee position on the hole following the par three is determined from the score on the hole prior to the par three.


  • The ball can be moved one club length, no closer, to the hole, but must stay in like conditions (i.e., if in a hazard, it must stay in the hazard). 

  • Once on the green, the ball can be moved one putter head length no closer to the hole.


  • Two mulligans can be purchased prior to the round. 

  • One mulligan can be used per nine holes and can be used on any shot.

Four Turkey Scramble Flights: