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Sioux Falls Christian is making a difference in the lives of kids,  families, and communities.  The Together Campaign helps us continue to make a difference both now and in the years to come.


What we have done so far

  • Expanded our High School with 4 additional classrooms, 5 meeting spaces, a hallway with lockers, and a large collaborative area, vastly expanding our high school space and accommodating a 30% increase in high school numbers.
  • Modifications in the Kitchen to feed more students and staff.
  • Broke ground and roughed in our PK-12 STEM Lab, a state of the art STEM room roughly the size of 5 classrooms, functioning in a variety of ways to be partitioned and used to collaboratively guide students in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. 


What we are doing over the summer of 2020

Completing our PK-12 Stem Lab for the 20-21 school year.

Completing a 2nd Access Road


We will build a 2nd entry and exit onto our campus. This private road will enter from the south and open up the south side of our campus, setting the stage for school expansion on that side of our campus.

What we will continue to do

Share the VISION and ask for commitments for the next part of our building expansion: our Early Childhood Center.  This center will provide dedicated space for 8 preschool rooms and a gym and will free up necessary space in the elementary for K-5th grade and provide dedicated space off the elementary for Pathways Literacy Center.

Share the VISION of our LG3 Impact Fund which would allow us to more effectively carry out our school’s vision of Love • Grow • Go • Glorify inside and outside our walls. 

Share the VISION and ask for commitments toward our Endowment. This Endowment, created to support Tuition Assistance and Staffing, will help alleviate rising tuition costs and provide more competitive packages for our teachers. Commitments toward this endowment often involve a family’s decisions to include Sioux Falls Christian in their will or estate or as a beneficiary of a retirement plan or insurance policy.  

What we are planning further out

We have future plans for a Performing Arts Center on the south side of our campus.
The Together Campaign supports the things that matter to all of us: Christian education, reaching more people, impacting the community and world for Christ.

We know that SFC Matters to you. Would you join us in supporting our Together Campaign?

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