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How Do I Keep My Kids Safe Online?

We want to safeguard our children from the pitfalls of the internet, but sometimes we aren't sure where to start. There are simple steps we can take to protect them when they're online.
For other parents, I would say it’s about controlling who has access to your children? The internet, unfortunately, never had guardrails put into place and technology is evolving faster than anyone can understand. I wouldn’t let my child drive a car before he or she was capable of understanding the risks associated. How is the internet any different? (source)


Encouraging Healthy Behavior Online

Stronger Together

While it may involve limits that our kids don't always like, we can put safeguards in place for them when they are online.

Strategies for Facing Down Online Danger

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Internet Safety

Watch our Intentional Parenting: Safeguarding Your Child's Phone presentation below. 
You can also download and read the PDF version of the presentation.
Parents, you love your children deeply and want to keep your children safe as you navigate the digital world. The website Protect Young Eyes has some dynamite resources to help you do just that. Take a look for yourself!   

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