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October 2023
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No School
October 5, 2023
No School
October 6, 2023
No School
October 9, 2023
B Chili
October 10, 2023
B Cheese pizza
October 11, 2023
B Cheese pizza
October 18, 2023
B Cheese pizza
October 25, 2023

Special Diet Prescription Form

If your child has special dietary needs we ask that you please fill out the Special Diet Prescription Form below for our Food Service Department.    

For students with Nut Allergies, we want to let you know that we DO NOT use any nuts in our Food Service Department but we cannot guarantee that other items we purchase have not been cross-contaminated in other production facilities.

For students who need a Gluten-Free meal, we have a special Gluten Free menu that we will share with you before the school year begins. 

If you have any questions, please contact our Food Service Director Jim Calkhoven directly at 712-574-4230

Special Diet Form